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About Coaching...

My role as your coach is to create a container of compassion and curiosity in which to explore your own untapped capabilities and resourcefulness.   My purpose is to leave you energized and excited about your life so that you can be self-sustaining in your upwards momentum and feel a re-ignited sense of enthusiasm for your truest dreams, whatever they may be.


A coaching conversation not only forecasts, but presumes your future success.  Coaching is safe but not always comfortable. Coaching does not sustain the status quo; it disrupts with purpose.  It simultaneously supports while propelling. 

Coaching is a process completely committed to uplifting YOU in whatever pursuit most compels your heart.  During our time together I will hold you capable, I will hold you accountable, and I will stand in your greatness, always.

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Hey, I'm Angie...

I spent 8 years in the beauty industry helping to develop and grow the Foxy Box Franchise before enrolling at Royal Roads University to obtain my Graduate Certification in Executive Coaching.  The training I received there broke me open in the best possible way, it shook me to my foundation; and in that ungrounding, I found my calling. 


Since then, I have set out to elevate and energize my clients in every session, generating self-conviction and joyful boldness, one coaching conversation at a time.  What does this mean in a more applied sense?  I support entrepreneurial women in bringing vision into reality. 

My areas of interest:

  • As a Trauma of Money facilitator, I am fascinated by various healing frameworks that can help to create greater financial safety and well-being in the world.  I'm passionate about financial psychology and the ways it can help my clients embrace a more abundant mindset.

  • I'm a co-creator and co-facilitator of the  Money Mapping program: a 12 week trauma-informed Financial Wellness Course combining group workshops & individual IFS therapy.  Join us to overcome historical money scripts, redefine wealth & invite in all the prosperity you are not only entitled to, but WORTHY of.  Our next cohort begins Sept. 2023.

Home: About

What clients have said...

"Angie has been a true light in my life. I was new to coaching when we started working together, and being complete strangers, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Since then, it has been an experience I will never regret. Angie has helped me succeed and thrive through many difficult and uncertain situations; I can rely on her for new, fresh and meaningful ways to help me to come to different perspectives and work through my challenges in ways that not only help me succeed, but provide for lasting and sustainable success."

Why North?

North is my mother's family name.

Purpose-driven coaching is about holding a connection to our core, a connection to what is most valuable and meaningful in our deepest hearts. So we ask ourselves, why?  Why do we hold this vision?  Whatever answer compels us, stands as a guiding light, like the North Star igniting us and summoning us forward and through. 

“When love is the context of your life, what details cannot be reconciled?  When one knows North, all other directions are implied.”   --  Mark Austin Thomas

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Let's connect...

Way to go! Every journey begins with a single step.

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